What are the Industry Samurai Awards?
MeshMix Media has instituted Industry Samurai Awards™ to recognize and felicitate manufacturing and supply chain companies and stakeholders who responded boldly and bravely to inarguably the severest Black Swan event of the last hundred years.

Industry Samurai Awards™ will recognize and felicitate India’s manufacturing and supply chain organizations that showed exemplary leadership with demonstrable results, during the Covid-19 crisis.

Who can apply for the awards?
  1. Manufacturing companies, including all types of manufacturers ranging from machine tool makers to OEMs.
  2. Supply chain Organizations include 3PL, 4PL, transporters (surface, air, sea), industrial real estate developers, freight forwarders, warehousing sector companies.
  3. Individuals can apply for Shogun Samurai Awards.
  4. Academic institutes can apply for Innovation Samurai Awards.
  5. NGOs and Nonprofits can apply for Guardian Samurai Awards.
What is the eligibility period for the awards?
March 2020 to September 2020
Why should I/my company apply
The Industry Samurai Awards will not only give you a marquee recognition for your brand, they will also help you benchmark yourself against category leaders, provide you with feedback for your strategy and performance, motivate your employees, and showcase your grit and commitment to your stakeholders and the society.
What is the entry fee?
  1. For MSME (FY20 turnover below Rs. 250 crore):
  2. Fee for one entry: Rs 5,000. Fee for every subsequent entry: 1,500 plus discount (see the awards page for details)
  3. For LE: Rs 9,000. Each subsequent entry: Rs. 2,500 plus discount (see the awards page for details)
  4. Note: Not including GST.
Can I/my company apply for all the awards?
Eligible companies can apply for all the awards. Individuals can apply for the Shogun Samurai Award.
I am a manufacturer. Can I apply for supply chain awards as well?
Yes, since these are strategy awards, as a manufacturer, you also manage your supply chain and are therefore a supply chain organization. You can apply for supply chain awards as well.
When will the award ceremony be held?
The INDUSTRY SAMURAI AWARDS will be presented after a 2-day Digital conference organised by Meshmix Media. All manufacturing & Supply Chain professionals can attend the award ceremony.
What benefits will the shortlisted entries get?
  1. Benchmark their performance with their competitors
  2. A chance to present their case to the jury and to a larger audience of nominees, via live-streaming of the presentation round.
  3. Shortlisted 5 entries will get an assessment report
  4. Coverage in the Awards Special Issue in the magazine and the website, and marketing of the same through all our media platforms.
  5. Free additional passes for three people of the applicants’ company for the Conference and the Award Ceremony
What all will the awardees get?
  1. A trophy, a certificate, and a digital badge
  2. A comprehensive coverage and broadcast of the awardees credentials to via of MeshMix’s media properties to more than 2,00,000 professionals in the manufacturing and supply chain industry
Why is there an application fee for the awards?
  1. To ensure industry-best selection benchmarks
  2. To helps maintain the objectivity of the selection process
  3. Administrative costs